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How Many Brick Slips per m²? Unveiling the Magic Number

Perfect Number of Brick Slips for Your Space! 

Want to add some stylish brick slips to your space but have no idea how many you'll need per m²? You're in the right spot! Let's learn about brick slips to make planning projects easier.

Our Brick Slip Dimensions:

Our brick slips come in a standard size of 215 mm long, 65 mm wide, and 15 mm thick. This size isn't just nice to look at; it's also very useful for measuring and installing. But wait, it's not just about the slips' size.


Calculating the Magic Number:

Let us talk about numbers now. We must also know how wide the joints are to determine how many brick slips you need per m². In this case, they are 10mm to 15mm wide. This small element is very important because it changes the total count.


The joint between each brick slip makes it cover an area of 225 mm x 75 mm, 215 mm long plus 10 mm wide and 65 mm high plus 10 mm thick. So what are we going to do with this? Easy! Just divide 1 m² (1,000 x 1,000 mm) by the size of one brick slip, which includes the joint.


Let's do the math:


1 m² = 1,000 mm x 1,000 mm = 1,000,000 mm².


Area of one brick slip (including joint) = 225 mm x 75 mm = 16,875 mm².


Now, divide the total area of 1 m² by the area of one brick slip:


1,000,000 mm² / 16,875 mm² ≈ 59.26.


The Final Count:

For every square metre, you'll need about 59 brick slips. Always round up and plan for extra cuts and waste to be safe. It should work if you aim for about 60 brick slips per m².


Wrapping Up:

So that's it! You can now safely plan your brick slip project because you know how many you'll need. Remember that planning will help you ensure your space looks exactly how you want it to. Have fun decorating!


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