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What are Brick Slips?

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Brick slips are specially manufactured tiles which when installed have the appearance, colour and texture of a real brick wall.

Brick slips can also be called a wide variety of names, including slip bricks, brick cladding, brick slips cladding, brick tiles, thin bricks and brick veneers.

If you're looking for a quick and cost efficient way to create a rustic interior feature wall or to clad the exterior of your home in brick, then brick slips are just what you're looking for

Brick Slips are used to look like full bricks, but without the need of actually using full size bricks, hence saving both space and money


How Are Brick Slips Made?


There are a different ways to manufacturer brick slips

Reclaimed Brick Slips

These are made from cutting the front of reclaimed bricks. However as some older brick styles have become harder to obtain, due to the labour intensive nature of producing the slips and as the bricks are often very old and break whilst cutting, the cost of Reclaimed brick slips has made them less and less cost effective 


Clay Brick Slips


Traditionally bricks are made using clay and this is a popular method of making moulded brick slips too.

Clay Slip Bricks tend to be better priced than reclaimed brick slips, but can be limited in colour range and style

Cast Brick Slips


Cast brick slips are made from concrete, which enables a large range of colours and blends to be offered and because they're made using concrete, they're durable, can be used both indoors and outdoors and are also heat resistant

Once fitted on the wall and pointed up, the brick slips look like real brick and are usually slightly cheaper than Clay Brick slips.

Kuci Design offer a mixture of both Clay and Concrete brick slips, so if you have a preference please feel free to contact us to discuss further. However the vast majority of our customers choose based on the finished look rather than the material they are made from.

Where can Brick Slips be installed

Our brick slip products can be used in various applications as they are extremely versatile.

All of our brick slips can be used both internally and externally.

Brick slips applications include, feature walls, alternative for traditional tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, fireplaces and chimney breasts, and external walls

Offices, shops, cafes, restaurants and bars are just a few commercial settings where our bricks have been used.


If you have any queries regarding the suitability of Brick Slips for you project then please do not hesitate to contact us


Brick Slip Pricing


Brick slips pricing can vary a lot, depending on the way they are manufactured and the supplier.

Reclaimed brick slips can cost around £60 a sq metre excluding VAT for supply only, whilst the Clay slip bricks, range between £40-£55 a sq metre ex VAT.

Kuci Brick slips are available for between £29-£40 a sq metre ex VAT, which means we offer stunning products at affordable prices.

It doesn't however mean our bricks slips are lower quality, it's just our slips are manufactured in a more cost effective way and having happy customers means more to us than high profits.

But like we said before, you don't have to take our word for it, browse our website and social platforms to see the completed projects from our happy customers!

Kuci Design


If you're looking for brick slips within the UK and Europe we are the company for you. With the combination of excellent prices, stunning products and fabulous customer service we offer an all round brick slip package that is second to known

Our products can be ordered online, including samples or over the phone, with deliveries tailored to suit your schedule.

Contact us if you require any further information or visit our website

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