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Choosing the right Mortar

The colour of the mortar is another key consideration when choosing your brick slips. Approximately 10-15% of the visible finished wall will be mortar, so this will have a significant impact on the the brick slip cladding and the appearance of the finished wall.

Looking at the two finished project images below, it's easy to see how the mortar colour impacts on the finish of the feature wall

Kuci Design's Rustic Red Brick slips have been used in both projects and the rooms have a similar amount of natural light, yet due to the difference in the mortar colour, the walls look significantly different

-- The image on the left has used a birch (off white) Lime based mortar (available on our website), whilst the second image has used a general pointing mortar (sand and cement mix) --

Another example of how the mortar can alter the finished look can be seen in the following London Town Images. The darker mortar provides a different finish to the Kitchen on the right, than the lighter (Stone) mortar used in the bathroom to the left

Again looking at the three images below you can see how the difference in mortar alters the appearance of the brick slips, making the choice of mortar just as key as the choice of slip bricks

Off White Mortar Brown Mortar Grey Mortar

We would always recommend trialling different mortar colours as part of the selection process, maybe on spare brick slips or off cuts, however remember to let the mortar dry before deciding as the colour will be lighter when dry

As with most things in life preparation is key!

Over - jointing

As the Kuci Brick Slips are a rustic style, you can use a liberal style of jointing, which will also make a difference in the finished appearance.

As seen on the below image the jointing surpasses the brick slip surface at some points, making the joints look wider and giving the appearance of a Rustic and distressed wall.

If you require any further information on mortars or want to enquire about the mortar colours that Kuci Design offer, then please don't hesitate to contact us


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