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Brick Slip Help & Advice

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Quick Answer - Brick slips are specially manufactured tiles which when installed have the appearance, colour and texture of a real clay brick wall Getting the wall ready for fixing Brick Slips is essential. Firstly, lay down your floor co

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Quick Answer - The individual slips are fitted to the wall using adhesive with 10mm spaces. A piping gun or bag is then used to apply mortar into the spaces

Quick Answer - Adhesive, Mortar, Spacers, Pointing Gun, Installation kit

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High Level guide - Prepare the wall and the brick slips. Stick the brick slips to the wall. Apply the mortar in between the brick slips. Tidy up. Enjoy a bear or glass of wine

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Quick Answer - the vast majority of people do not use a sealant, however, if they are to be fitted in a where frequent cleaning environment (behind a hob etc), then applying a sealant will help to protect the brick slip surface and make them easier to clean.

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Quick Answer - They are space saving, easy to install and produce stunning, alternative feature walls throughout your home

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Quick Answer - Brick slips sizes vary depending on suppliers, therefore it's always best to establish what you need in square and linear metres


Quick Answer - The colour of the mortar is a key consideration when choosing your brick slips and this will have a significant impact on the finished wall.

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Quick Answer - Dust, dirt and other debris may gather on brick wall surfaces over time, but cleaning them is fairly easy with the right equipment, preparation and knowledge . .

Quick Answer - If you send in your images of previous projects we will offer a 10% discount code for future orders to be used when and as often as you want!

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