Why should I use Brick Slips?

Brick slips offer a perfect rustic look for most situations. Whether its a living, bedroom or dining room feature wall, an alternative for traditional kitchen tiles or an external cladding project, Kuci brick slips offer a sensational and eye catching look that will be the envy of your friends and family.

Brick slips, which can also be also known as: thin bricks, brick cladding, slip bricks, brick effect tiles, brick veneers and brick tiles

Our decorative rustic brick slips are perfect for creating a natural looking brick feature wall for inside or outside your home and the Kuci Design website and social sites show many examples of finished projects using the stylish Kuci brick slips

Brick Slip Wall

Why Should I Use Brick Slips?

If you're looking for an alternative and stunning feature wall, or need to clad a fireplace, kitchen or the outside of your home, our brick slips are just the thing for you.

We have a raft of experience supplying both retail and trade customers alike, and our customer service is second to none and we work closely with our customers to ensure 100% satisfaction

We offer samples of all our brick slips so that you can ensure that the product is right for you in terms of colour style and texture before placing a larger order

Our brick slips are are offered at excellent prices varying between £14 - £16.99 a half sq metre, excluding VAT.

We also offer discounts for large order and repeat customers can obtain a 10% discount on the second order, by sending in your finished images. So if you get addicted to brick slips, at least it gets cheaper!

Do they look like real bricks?

Yes, we have several different styles developed to replicate different sizes and styles of bricks.

Rustic Red, Smoked Peach, Arctic Grey, Rustic White, Autumn Blend, London Multi

The largest of our brick styles at approximately 250 x 65 x 18 mm. They are based on a 19th century rustic brick, with a distressed and olde world look.

Camden Multi, Minnesota White, Chicago Rojo, Weathered London, Weathered Red

Based on the more traditional brick size of 210 x 60 x 16 mm. Rustic, rough and textured, they are the perfect slips for all situations

London Town, Old Mill Blend, Sunset Blend, Cottage Red, Old Watermill

Designed to replicate an 18th century European brick, they are slightly smaller at approximately 195 x 60 x 15 mm. All these slips come with natural colour variations from the base colour, to a smoke effect cover slip and a lime/salt based slip.

All our tiles will fit perfectly in almost any setting due to the natural brick wall look they produce once fitted.

Once they have been fitted, if you point them up using a traditional mortar mix or a lime based mortar, the end result will look just like an old brick wall!

Can Brick Slips can be used externally?

Our brick slips are all manufactured using concrete and are made to withstand all types of weather and laboratory tested to ensure they can handle a wide variety of conditions including heat and frost. They'e suitable for use on internal walls and external walls.

They are made from coloured concrete unlike some other brick slips that are only coloured on the visible face, so the colour will not run if it rains!

What are the advantages of Brick Slips?

Brick slips are thin slips - this is an advantage over using actual bricks. Due to the our slips bricks range between 15mm and 18mm, they are lighter than bricks and also save space.If you're planning on installing brick slips internally, you will lose a lot less space than using full bricks

Likewise if you are looking to fit them externally, they can be fitted to the current substrate without the need for significant building work and costs.

Once they have been fitted and pointed they will look just like a brick wall.

Are they heat resistant?

Absolutely, all our brick slips are fully tested for heat resistance and because they're made from concrete, they're naturally heat resistant making them suitable for use on log burners and chimney breasts.

Are Brick Slips easy to install?

Yes, fitting brick slips is much easier than traditional tiling, due to the 10 mm joints and the rustic style and size of the slips.

We have a fitting guide on our website, but it's also worth watching the following video and let Kerry show you how easy it is to install brick slips