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How do I fit Brick Slips?

At a very high level, the individual slips are fitted to the wall using adhesive, allowing for 10mm spaces between them. A piping gun or piping bag is then used to mortar the gaps between the slips (this is called pointing), before using a jointing tool is used to compress the mortar and remove any voids/air pockets. Then as the mortar has dried apply a wire brush to remove any excess.

We offer a more detailed Brick slip fitting guide via this link

Pointing brick slips using a pointing bag

The key to fitting brick slips (like most DIY jobs) is the preparation.

Laying out the slips prior to fitting is recommended, especially for multi coloured blends and it's vital to ensure you have the right tools and materials ready and available before you start.

What do I need to install my brick slips?

There is a wide variety of accessories that you may be required to install your brick slips. You might already have some of these and if you have arranged for a fitter, it's always worth checking with them in advance so you don't waste money on items that aren't required.

However below is a quick guide to the accessorises that we can supply alongside your brick slips.


The brick slips are fitted to the wall using tile adhesive. We supply fast setting adhesive in powder form that needs mixing with water. Each bag covers between 5-7 sq metres.

However we don't recommend mixing the whole bag at once, unless you are quick enough to fit all the brick slips within 30 mins! Mix approximately a fifth of the bag to start with and maybe increase this as you become more accustomed with the fitting process if you feel comfortable doing that.


For the ideal look, we recommend 10mm spaces between the brick slips. The spaces we offer can be left in post fitting as they only pretrude by 7mm, which will be covered by the mortar once pointed


For the pointing, you can use general pointing mortar which can be produced by mixing sand and cement. However Kuci Design offer a limed based mortar in various colours, which comes in a powder form.

The main reason to use a lime based mortar is that like all lime-based products they're ‘breathable', so moisture within your walls can escape. Not only does that create a healthier and more natural living environment within, but structural brick and stone remain dry and sound.

Pointing Gun/Pointing Bag

Pointing guns ( or pointing bags) make the fitting of the mortar quicker and easier. Not only does it reduce the pointing time, but it also helps you control the flow of the mortar and reduces the amount of unwanted mortar on the front of the slips

Installation Kit

The Kuci Design installation kit is a 5 piece tool set offering the following;

- Adhesive trowel

- Pointing trowel

- Mortar Jointer Pointing Iron

- Copper brush

- Bucket

Brick Slip Cladding fitting systems

Installation systems are also available for brick slips fitting. The backing boards come with varying thickness of insulation ranging from 30mm to 160mm and are fitted to the walls with tile adhesive and additional fixings to increase strength

Candiwall brick slip installation systems

Whilst the boards increase the costs of the raw materials they do reduce fitting time significantly and are mostly used for big jobs where a large volume needs to be installed.

The boards are also used frequently on external cladding jobs where the energy/money saving benefits can be fully utilised.

Please note - These backing board not available via our online store and can be subject to a lead time, depending on the volume and insulation thickness required. Please contact us directly for further enquires


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