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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your opening hours?
    i. Telephone lines are open 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday ii. Our display room is open 12pm to 4pm Monday to Friday. iii. Alternative viewing times by appointment only. Please call to arrange
  • How can I make a purchase?
    Choose the necessary brick slip box size or furniture item and click the Add to Cart option. Once you are ready to checkout click on your cart and select the correct quantity, before selecting the Pay option. You can make payment via the following methods ; i. Via our online shop using credit & debit cards or via your paypal account ii. Over the telephone by calling us direct on 0333 577 2015 (09:00-19:00 Mon to Sat) iii. Online Invoice or Bank Tranfer - please call or email us for an invoice for online payment or bank transfer Please note we DO NOT store customers debit and credit card information.
  • Do the prices quoted include VAT?
    No, all listed prices exclude VAT and this will be added during checkout at the UK Standard rate. Please note you will have chance to review the total cost before making payment during the checkout process
  • Can I collect my order if I live locally?
    Yes, collections can be made from our premises in Dronfield
  • Is there an age limit to purchase?
    If you are under the age of 16 you must advise your parent or guardian of the Kuci Design Terms and Conditions before you use this website. We do reserve the right to only accept orders from those over the age of 18.
  • Can I view the products before I buy?
    Yes we have a small display room in North Derbyshire which you can visit for brick slips and furniture. Opening times are detail at the top of the page and the Address is ​ Unit 2C, Callywhite Lane, Dronfield, S18 2XR
  • Can I arrange for delivery on a specific day?
    Yes, that's not a problem. Please contact us via email or phone after purchase and we will be happy to arrange delivery for a day that suits your availability.
  • Do you deliver to anywhere in the UK?
    Yes we do, though transport costs vary depending on where you are within the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The delivery options and costs are detailed when you select checkout from the online shop. For more information on deliveries please visit our Delivery Information page or contact our customer services team Please also be assured that we aim to keep delivery costs to a minimum and regularly review to ensure that is still the case.
  • Do you deliver outside of the UK?
    Yes we do, please contact us directly to discuss cost and delivery lead times.
  • When can I expect my goods to be delivered?
    Economy delivery should be completed within 3-5 days. However for a small additional charge, there is a next working day option available
  • Can I arrange for delivery on a specific day?
    Yes, that's not a problem. Please contact us via email or phone after purchase and we will be happy to arrange delivery for a day that suits your availability.
  • What if I’m not at home when you deliver?
    For parcels, you will receive an email and/or text on the day of delivery with a 1 hour delivery window. If you are unavailable at this time, a link will be provided which you can re-arrange delivery. If you are not available at the time of delivery, our couriers will try to leave your order with a neighbour if possible, but if not, will leave a card to inform you of the delivery attempt and of the location of your parcel. For Brick slip and Pallet orders delivery will generally be between 9am and 5pm, though on the day of delivery our Customer Services Team can give you a 2 hour window What if I receive an incorrect item? Please contact our Customer Care team within 48 hours of receipt and we will rectify this for you.
  • How do I return or exchange an item?
    Parcels can be returned at your own cost, though we strongly recommend you obtain a certificate of postage from the Post Office as we are responsible for your parcel only once it has been received into our warehouse, and that you arrange appropriate insurance. Items lost in transit will not be treated as returned. ​ (For Brick slip returns, please see the Brick slips Questions at the bottom of the page) Alternatively, we can arrange a courier to collect your unwanted items from you at an additional cost. Please call our Customer Services team for further assistance on 0333 577 2015 or email
  • What if my return gets lost in the post?
    We cannot be held liable for the loss of returned goods arranged by the customer. We recommend using a signed for service for returns to avoid any possible disappointment. Please make sure you keep your returns receipt as your proof of postage as we are responsible for your parcel only once it has been received into our warehouse. Items lost in transit will not be treated as returned. For returns arranged by Kuci Design, we will liaise directly with the Haulier/Courier once collection has been made from the customer
  • What if an item is faulty?
    Please contact our Customer Care team within 48 hours of receipt and we will dispatch a replacement or refund the price of the item and any costs incurred in sending the item.
  • Can you offer any fitting advice?
    We have put together a hints and tips guide which can be accessed by clicking here > Brick Slip Fitting Guide. If you require further help or advice please feel free to contact us
  • What do you stick brick slips on with?
    We recommend using flexible tile adhesive and you should allow a period of 24-36 hours before applying the mortar. If you plan to fit near a fire or log burner, use heat resistant flexible adhesive
  • Can your brick slips be used with tracking systems?
    As the majority of our brick slips are handmade, they can vary in size and are therefore not always suitable with tracking systems. Cement backer boards can be used to offer guidance on course lines if required.
  • Where do you start brick slips?
  • Are brick slips worth it?
  • Are brick slips easy to install?
  • What is the best way to cut brick slips?
  • How much adhesive do I need for brick slips?
  • What size gap between brick slips?
  • What mortar for brick slips?
  • Are brick slips cheaper than bricks?
  • Can you do brick slips yourself?
  • What is the life expectancy of a brick slip?
  • How much does it cost to fit brick slips per m2?
  • Should I seal brick slips before pointing?
  • Do you grout brick slips?
  • Can you use sand and cement for brick slips?
  • Can a tiler do brick slips?
  • Are brick slips easy to clean?
  • Can you seal brick slips with PVA?
  • Can you put brick slips on plaster?
  • Can you put brick slips over brick?
  • How many brick slips can be laid in a day?
  • Do brick slips need sealing?
  • How do you seal a brick slip?
  • Can you fix brick slips to plywood?
  • Can you stick brick slips to MDF?
  • Can you stick brick slips to wood?
  • What are the defects of brick slips?
  • Do you need planning permission for brick slips?
  • Are brick slips waterproof?
  • Can you use brick slips for a patio?
  • Are brick slips dusty?
  • Are brick slips breathable?
  • Are brick slips flammable?
  • Are brick slips sustainable?
  • How thick are brick slips?
  • How many brick slips per m2?
  • What is the difference between brick slips and brick tiles?
  • Can you use brick slips in a bathroom?
  • How do you attach brick slips to a wall?
  • Can I alter the ratio of a brick slip blend?
    Absolutely, if you like a blend, but would prefer more or less of a particular colour. Please contact us either before or after you have placed the order and we will be delighted to amend the ratio for you.
  • What is the size of the brick slips?
    Approximate size of each brick slip tile will vary between ranges. When you click into a product it will advise of the approximate size on the product page. ​
  • Are you brick slips cut from bricks?
    No, all our brick slips are made from moulds. For more information please see the What are Brick Slips article or contact us direct.
  • Are your brick slips images on your website genuine?
    Yes, all images are customer images to illustrate what can be achieved using the products available from our website.
  • How do I achieve the same look on your website images?
    You will need to consider such things as the lighting (both natural and unnatural), the fitting, the colour of the mortar and the style of pointing used. If you are unsure of the colour or style we strongly recommend ordering a sample in advance of larger orders. Likewise if you need any help or advice on mortar and/or fitting please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.
  • Can I buy matching corners?
    Yes, we can supply corners for any of the brick tile colours or blends that we sell. These can be ordered via on the individual production page via the box size drop down. The corners are a mixture of one and two piece depending on the product, so please contact us via phone or email for further information if you require further clarity.
  • How do I measure my wall to establish the quantity of corners I require?
    We sell corners by the linear metre. Simply edge of the the wall that you require corners for from top to bottom or left to right.
  • Do all the brick slips have perfect square sides and a uniform shape?
    The Rustic Brick Slips have been purposely designed to provide the rustic ‘olde world’ look. However once mortared the brick slips WILL look amazing when fitted correctly and the fact that they do not have square sides significantly improves the visual look. The Metric Brick Slips are more consistent.
  • How long will it take to receive a Brick Slip Sample?
    Brick Slip Samples are dispatched within 2 working days, with delivery between 2 and 3 working days. However for a small additional cost next day delivery is available if ordered before 10am. ​
  • How many slips are in a Brick Slip Sample?
    We can provide two different sizes of Brick Slip Samples. A small sample pack of 3 Brick Slips for £2.99 or a large sample pack of 5 Brick Slips for £4.79.
  • Can I return a brick slip order once it's been delivered?
    Orders can be returned, however in order to receive a full product refund the brick slips must be of the condition to be resold. The original delivery cost will not be refunded and any return costs will also be deducted from from the refund,
  • What are Brick Slips?
    Brick slips are specially manufactured tiles which when installed have the appearance, colour and texture of a real brick wall. ​ Brick slips can also be called a wide variety of names, including slip bricks, brick cladding, brick slips cladding, brick tiles, thin bricks and brick veneers. ​ If you're looking for a quick and cost efficient way to create a rustic interior feature wall or to clad the exterior of your home in brick, then brick slips are just what you're looking for ​ Brick Slips are used to look like full bricks, but without the need of actually using full size bricks, hence saving both space and money
  • How Are Brick Slips Made?
    There are a different ways to manufacturer brick slips ​ Reclaimed Brick Slips ​ These are made from cutting the front of reclaimed bricks. However as some older brick styles have become harder to obtain, due to the labour intensive nature of producing the slips and as the bricks are often very old and break whilst cutting, the cost of Reclaimed brick slips has made them less and less cost effective Clay Brick Slips Traditionally bricks are made using clay and this is a popular method of making moulded brick slips too. Clay Slip Bricks tend to be better priced than reclaimed brick slips, but can be limited in colour range and style ​ Cast Brick Slips Cast brick slips are made from concrete, which enables a large range of colours and blends to be offered and because they're made using concrete, they're durable, can be used both indoors and outdoors and are also heat resistant Once fitted on the wall and pointed up, the brick slips look like real brick and are usually slightly cheaper than Clay Brick slips. ​ Kuci Design offer a mixture of both Clay and Concrete brick slips, so if you have a preference please feel free to contact us to discuss further. However the vast majority of our customers choose based on the finished look rather than the material they are made from.
  • Why should I use Brick Slips?
    Brick slips offer a perfect rustic look for most situations. Whether its a living, bedroom or dining room feature wall, an alternative for traditional kitchen tiles or an external cladding project, Kuci brick slips offer a sensational and eye catching look that will be the envy of your friends and family. Brick slips can also be also known as: thin bricks, brick cladding, slip bricks, brick effect tiles, brick veneers and brick tiles ​ Our decorative rustic brick slips are perfect for creating a natural looking brick feature wall for inside or outside your home and the Kuci Design website and social sites show many examples of finished projects using the stylish Kuci brick slips
  • How do I measure for Brick Slips?
    The first thing to do is work out the size of the area you are planning to cover with your Kuci Brick Slips. You will need to measure the following for all walls you are planning to cover. ​ - Height (floor or top of skirting board to ceiling) - Width - Depth (If you have a return (Corners would be needed) Multiple these together to give you the square metre volume. ​ Add together the square metres from all surfaces measured (if you have a single wall, obviously there is no need to do this!) We advise that you add 5% to your total number to allow for wastage and breakages as it's better to have too many than too few.
  • How do I fit Brick Slips?
    At a very high level, the individual slips are fitted to the wall using adhesive, allowing for 10mm spaces between them. A piping gun or piping bag is then used to mortar the gaps between the slips (this is called pointing), before using a jointing tool is used to compress the mortar and remove any voids/air pockets. Then as the mortar has dried apply a wire brush to remove any excess. ​ We offer a more detailed Brick slip fitting guide via this link and youtube offer a wide range of fitting videos. ​ The key to fitting brick slips (like most DIY jobs) is the preparation. Laying out the slips prior to fitting is recommended, especially for multi coloured blends and it's vital to ensure you have the right tools and materials ready and available before you start.
  • Do I need to seal Brick Slips?
    Brick slips are becoming more and more popular in both the residential and commercial sectors. Ideal for use externally and internally, they provide a cost effective and stunning rustic brick wall look They're also easy to maintain but we are often asked, do you need to seal brick slips? ​ Sealing Brick Slips ​ Firstly, the vast majority of people do not use a sealant. The rustic and textured style is why you went for brick slips in the first place and they are highly durable, so sealing them is not a must. However, if they are to be used in a environment where frequent cleaning will be required (behind a hob etc), or if you just have a clean freak in your house, it might be best to apply an appropriate sealant to protect the brick slip surface and to make them easier to clean. Likewise an untreated slip brick can absorb liquid fairly easily due to their porous nature. so if you are planning to use them externally or behind a sink for example, it's also best to seal the brick slips.
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