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How do I clean brick slips?

Brick Slips are becoming a popular alternative to standard tiles in kitchens, a stunning alternative feature wall in living and dining rooms, or the most cost effective way to clad the exterior of your home, but once fitted how do I clean them?

So , how do I clean brick slips?

Don't be scared by this question. It may seem difficult, but in reality its very simple.


Because the surface of the slips are made to look and feel like a real brick (textured and porous), they can get collect dust and dirt over time. If they are fitted externally, natures elements can have an effect and if you have children or dogs, then you will know dirt gets on all your walls and brick slips are no different!


This post is designed to give you a quick guide into cleaning your brick slips.

What do I need?

Preparation is important and ensuring you have the right materials is key.


- Sponge (or a cloth)

- Bucket

- Mild Washing Up Liquid

- Duster

- Scrubbing Brush (Softer bristle brush if possible)

- Table Salt

- Hoover

Cleaning the Brick Slips

Now you've prepared well, lets get cleaning.


Start by wiping down the wall with the duster to remove any loose debris. Once done quickly use the hoover to ensure you've managed to get it all.


Add 1 part mild washing up liquid and 1 part salt into the bucket with lukewarm water and mix thoroughly to create your cleaning solution.


Using a sponge or cloth to apply your cleaning solution to the brick slips and then take the scrubbing brush (we recommend a soft bristle brush to avoid any damage to the slips) and gentle scrub the solution into the wall.


Allow this to settle for around 15 mins, before using the damp cloth or sponge to gently wipe the solution from the your brick slip wall.


Ensure that you rinse the cloth / sponge regularly with clean lukewarm water (not the cleaning solution).


Once you've removed all the cleaning solution, allow the tiles to dry. If you see any cleaning solution left on the wall once dried, repeat the wiping away process with a damp cloth/sponge and clean lukewarm water

Painted Brick Slips

If you have painted the brick slips either before or after fitting we don't advise this process. In this instance please refer to the paint manufacturers cleaning instructions.

Does this sound like too much effort?

If this sounds like too much effort then you should consider sealing the brick slips. We have another post dedicated to applying sealants, so we suggest reading it to see if that's the better option for you.

There are many varieties of sealant with the most common being matt and gloss sealants.

A matt brick sealant will leave a clear matt finish over the slips with little change to the colours or surface of the brick slips

A gloss brick sealant will leave a shiny clear finish on the tiles (like a wet sheen) and can change and/or enhance the colours.

When choosing a sealant, make sure you get one that can bond to porous surfaces without the need for priming.

It's also worth trying the sealant on an off cut or spare tile, prior to applying to the wall to ensure it has the effect you desire.

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