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Kuci Sample Service

Obtaining samples can play an important role in choosing the perfect brick slips, as this will enable you to get a good feel for the texture, size, shape and colour of the brick slips in your home environment.

Sizes can differ depending on the product and the finished look can also differ slightly depending on the natural and artificial lighting in a room. Using the samples alongside the web images, which show the look that can be achieved when the brick slips are fitted and pointed,  is the the most fool proof way of ensuring you get your dream brick slip feature wall.

We offer two different sizes of brick slip sample, 3 tiles (£2.99) or 5 tiles (£4.79) and they can be ordered from the Rustic Brick Slips page or by clicking here

Sample Delivery

Samples are usually dispatched within 2 working days, with delivery taking between one and two days depending on how busy the courier network is at that time. 

Deliveries are currently made by UK Mail and email notifications should be sent directly from the courier. Please note, we also request that they attempt to leave with neighbours and/or in a safe place if no one is in for the delivery, though they should leave a card to advise when this is the case. 

If you haven't had delivery within 5 working days please contact us to discuss further

Expediated delivery options are available on checkout, though there is an additional cost for these services

Why we don't offer free samples?

We sometimes get asked why we don't offer free samples and the answer is very simple - To keep our brick slips prices as low as possible for the genuine customers

When free samples are offered, (or free anything), you tend to find people just order them to see what they are, even though a large number have no genuine interest in purchasing the product. 

For example, they might have seen a social post for brick slips, wondered what they are, see the free sample option and just order them, as they cost nothing!

Every company needs to make profit, so the cost of all these free samples has to be covered somewhere and the only suitable place is the cost of the brick slips

So in the end the genuine customers end up paying extra for their brick slips just to cover the costs of all the free samples sent to people with no genuine interest. 

What we do at Kuci is charge a small fee, which more often than not doesn't cover the whole cost of sending the samples, but as the customer has to contribute it helps eliminate the time wasters, and allows us to keep our brick slip prices as low as possible

If you have any queries over samples please don't hesitate to contact us 

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Brick Slip Sample

    Brick Slip Samples


    • Economy Delivery - 3-5 Working Days

    • Premium Delivery - 2 Working Days


    We can custom blend bricks slips from across our ranges to achieve the perfect colour mix as required, creating hand-picked bespoke blends tailored to your project.

    Stone Cladding Samples

    A stone cladding sample option will be added to the website shortly, but in the meantime if you require a Stone Cladding sample please contact us directly to discuss

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