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Is London Calling You?

A stunning weathered yellow 19th century brick slip, the London Town has become one of the most popular brick slip over the last couple of years


With an ever growing number of projects & home renovations using the London brick slips and showcasing exactly what can be achieved, more and more people are heading towards London Town!

The most recent case study is Nikita and Sean who have used the London Town Brick slips on three exposed brick feature walls, throughout their fabulous home

London Town Brick Slips stairs close up.

The following images perfectly illustrate the flexibly of the London Town brick slips, which can produce the same fantastic results throughout your whole home.

*Visit home_is_at_no3 on instagram to see more

DIY Room Makeover

Kerry Whelpdale's DIY Makeover video was the first to showcase her stunning London Town Brick slips feature wall, around 2 years.

Her excellent video, published via her popular youtube channel, showed the transition from plaster wall to exposed brick feature wall and the process in between.

London Town Brick Slips - Kerry Lounge.j

To see the DIY Room Makeover video on youtube click here


Jen from Crack the Shutters has used Instagram to share her stunning bathroom, complete with London Town Brick Slips....

London Town Bathroom Brick Slips.JPG

As did Rose - Roseontherow, who has used the London Town Brick slips for both her eye catching bathroom and kitchen feature walls.

London Town Slip Bricks Bathroom close u
London Town Slip Bricks Bathroom Sinks.J
London Town exposed brick kitchen.JPG


London Town Brick slips have also become a popular alternative to traditional kitchen tiles, where the rustic style of the slips can provide a stunning exposed brick finish.

Rach and Jonny (penarth_end_of_terraced) have used the brick slips to excellent effect in their kitchen renovations


And Claire used a grey mortar and the London Town for her exposed brick feature hob surround and is clearly delighted by the results...

CBass LT Kitchen.jpeg

Whilst Mr & Mrs 24, used the slips, with a white flush mortar to produce a sensational exposed brick kitchen pillar.  

See more of their posts and stunning home on Instagram. at renovation_at_24

Reno 24.JPG

Please Note - We would always recommend using a matt sealant if you are planning to use them behind cookers and sinks as it makes them easier to clean and wipe down.

However before applying any sealant to your brick slips, please test on a spare slip or offcut.


Having a brick feature wall in extensions is also very popular at the moment and the London Town brick slips have been used for that purpose as well.

Emma used the London Town for this fabulous Kitchen/Extension.....

Emma Mash 1.jpg

And the Sham Family - shamfamilyrenovation, used the London Town Brick slips for there exposed brick extension feature wall

London Town Brick Slip Extension.JPG


And finally, London Town Brick Slips are also making moves in the Commercial space, by becoming the brick slip of choice for Caffe Kix, who used the brick slips for the first time in their Farnborough francise


London Town Brick Slip Specification

Slip Size 

200 x 60 x 15mm

Corner Size

external - 210/105 x 60 x 15mm

internal - 195/90 x 65 x 15mm

All size approximate and can vary

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