Camden Multi Brick Slips

Not only are the Camden Multi becoming one of the most talked about brick slips of 2020, they are also becoming one of the most versatile, producing many differing but equally stunning finishes depending on the colour of the mortar and the style of pointing.


The Camden Multi brick slips are a blend of three colours, Red (50%) , Grey and Weathered Buff (50%) , but this simply cannot do it justice....

Camden Multi Brick Slips Overton close u

The red is deep and warm, whilst some have a hint of weathering and others have completely weathered

The grey varies from a deep grey, almost Staffordshire Blue, through a whole spectrum of greys and buffs,  before finishing on a weathered buff


Words just cannot explain so we strongly suggest, clicking here to order a brick slip sample so you can see for yourself


And whilst you wait for the samples to arrive, please take a minute or two to browse through the images and see what can be achieved by mixing the Camden Multi Brick Slips with your imagination and a little inspiration.



The following image shows the finished look with general pointing mortar (very similar to the stone mortar)

Camden multi brick feature wall.jpg

Olga and Sergi (that_overton_house), have used the Camden Multi Brick Slips with a shallow pointing style and off white mortar/grey mortar....

Camden Stairs.JPG
Camden Multi Brick Slips staircase.JPG

Whilst Lemonsandlimes_1, who is co creator of My Diverse interiors have done two fab Camden Multi walls without mortar, enabling the brick slips style, shape and colours to be the main focus

L&L Camden Multi Brick slip kitchen feat
L&L Camden Multi Brick slip kitchen feat
Lemonandlimes_1 Camden Multi Wall.JPG

Sharon Bonfield has also used the Camden Multi brick slips, with a white mortar, as an alternative to traditional kitchen tiles and this gave a distinctly different, but equally amazing finish..

Sharon Bon 3.jpg
Sharon Bon 2.jpg
Sharon Bon 4.jpg

Louise from the beautiful the_house_on_sea_view used the slips, also with a white mortar, flush with the end of the Brick Slips, and this again provided a differing, but fabulous finish

Camden with light mortar.JPG
Camden Louise.JPG

As did Nate for his dining room feature wall. 

Camden with white mortar 3.JPG
Camden with white mortar 4.JPG
Camden with white mortar 2.JPG

Its easy to see the impact of the colour and style of pointing used with the Brick Slips, but also how the deep and warm colours within the Camden Multi stand out in significantly different ways depending on the mortar used...

Camden Multi Brick Slip Specification



Red x 50%

Grey and Buff x 50%

Slip Size 

215 x 65 x 15mm

Corner Size

external - 215/105 x 65 x 15mm

internal - 200/90 x 65 x 15mm

All size approximate and can vary

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